Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March update

I guess i am just going to have to label these by month..since it seems i get around to it once a month or so..ha ha!~ Okay i realize as i look through my pictures..that even though some days i don't feel like i get much done...i get a lot done. If i have seemed quiet lately..well I guess the pictures following will show the reason..I have been a bit busy!
So for the bleh stuff...i have had one sick kid or another constantly for the last two months i swear.. Jonathon has had strep now twice since Christmas. He was home sick all week last week..finally was diagnosed and is now on antibiotics this week..after a second trip to the docs..I was rather upset that they would not swab him last week...even when i specifically asked...but now he is getting better...

Tyrus also spent a few days home in the infirmary...aka the living room...

And on top of all that i broke my toe...getting into the hottbu no less...geesh....okay besides having an excuse for not going to the gym since my foot doesn't even fit into a shoe other than flip hasn't slowed me down too much..okay so on to the fun stuff...
I finished Turners room and mural...his Robot City: as you walk in

This is the view from the door

to the favorite part

behind the door

We are also under construction...of course i am sure i will be painting this area too...this is just off of our living room

the dumb window we put in will now be gone..that is our bedroom through the window. It will free up a lot of space in our bedroom..besides not having a window that is impossible to cover
Colors chosen for the new area and the adjoining current living room..the tile will be around the fire place...the green on the long walls and the orange around the fireplace..the carpet is the one on the bottom row third from the right
I have also snuck in a few moments to play with my dolls..this is the room I created in the expedit..a living room for the resident kitties

We adopted a new girl awhile back from a friend..she is my only "custom"..she has mohair instead of her normal hair and also carved lips and makeup she is when she her room

Of course she got a new dress..and demanded a redecoration of her bedroomHer name is Olive..and this is her new room... She is a lucky thing..she scored another new dress later in the month. We are experiencing dolly uprisings left and right around here....hard to keep so many girls in new clothes..gees and i thought 6 kids was tough..ha ha

Speaking of kitties...since i am allergic and Art has a very extreme dislike for cats..these are our resident litter box needed...
of course since i was finished with Turner'sroom..i had to immediately start on Jonathon' it is in the beginning stages...well actually about half done
His monsters got their first coat of paint..i only have added the eyes since this picture...but as soon as we get back from North Carolina for my mom and Russ's wedding I will finish this...

behind his bed...

My last project...a wedding gift for Mom and Russ...Mom's handle on the internet is the German gypsy..that inspired this set. Since it is a wedding gift i couldn't leave it at just a gypsy..she needed her man too. And they needed a fancy ride! All of the patterns are my own opriginal design..made as i was creating..ha ha..i had so much fun! here are the bodies before decoration:

size comparioson to the peacock:The finished couple riding on their fancy peacock..i hope they like my always has remarked how she really loves my art dolls and would at some point "not mind" having one.well she got a whole set.....well is getting it this weekend..we are off to Asheville tomorrow....
In the plastic world...we have pregnanat Plastic...Anni was not having a good morning...we are not sure how far along she is yet..but must be the first trimester since she has had a lot of morning sickness...arturo has been worried...

Who would have believed that there are even T-shirts for pregnant cracked me up..a friend sent it to me....

And finally! I have finally gotten my weight back under 200lbs...I still have a ways to go..but to get to that first landmark was exciting! This was the day i saw 199 on that scale!
So there is a bit of my month..lots more of course was going on...but these were the fun parts..and the momentous ones..i have more pics..but need to get off hopefully i will update sooner than a month...see you all then!


Judy Streger said...

I simply don't know what to comment on first. Here goes, in no special order. I love the murals you're doing in the boys' rooms. They're fabulous. The set of art dolls you made as a wedding present for your Mom is over-the-top wonderful. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. Your wonderful collections of dolls is certainly interesting and their collective stories amuse me every time I read the latest update on their lives. And, maybe best of all, it's great that you are continuing to lose weight. Good for you. Sorry about your toe. OK, what's up with the construction? What are you adding?

The Backporch Artessa said...

Wow girl- no wonder we've not had a moment to talk and catch up- you're as busy as a broken toed bee can be! Love all the art you are doing- how much longer for construction? Congrats to Mom & Russ! Glad kiddies are getting better- and a BIG congrats on breaking that number curse!!!

Joan said...

Hi, from a fellow Secret Sister of the Fatbook Society,
You are so multi-talented! Love everything you've done, esp. the gypsy couple!
As for the toe, I've broken my little one several times. It seems to take forever until you can put on a regular shoe; I usually end up wearing the big open toe job from the hospital.
Congrats on the weight loss!
Visit my blog at:

Joanne Huffman said...

Congrats on the weight loss, you look great in your photo. The boys' rooms look great! What a neat thing to do for them. Sorry to hear about your toe (hope you get to hop over to Kalamazoo soon). The wedding present dolls are fantastic. Have a great time at your mom's wedding.


Aileen said...

Wow Angela as always your life is a whirlwind! Great murals what fun! the wedding gift dolls and peacock are awesome! Congrats on the weight loss WTG! Hope your toe heals quickly and everyone is back to feeling better fast!

jackie said...

Good Grief Girl!! You have been one busy Mama!! I LOVE the boys' murals - what talent you possess! I know they are thrilled!
Your gifts for your mom are wonderful - I know she'll adore them!
Your dolls and their fashions and lives are always so entertaining and fun!
So sorry about your broken toe - ouch!!
You look fantastic in the photo! Congrats again on the weight loss! I love your hair like that!
Can't wait to see what all the construction is about and how it comes out.
Best wishes to your mom!

Gina M Smith said...

Wow, what an update! You look great; the rooms look great. I love Asheville! You should get to Random Arts in Saluda sometime! That wedding gift set needs to go to Art Doll Quarterly! Love the pink velvet dolly couch, too!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

First - i LOVE the pregnant doll with morning sickness LOL and can totally relate! ha. Second - how was asheville? I adore that area and hope to move back there someday. Last by not least, congrats on your weight loss! you're looking fab:)