Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year~

Well we had a very eventful week before Christmas..not all good. Art had to be taken to the emergency room the Sunday before Christmas. He had a black stool..meaning there was blood coming from somewhere in his digestive track. He didn't say anything to me Saturday night, but by mid afternoon Sunday he was so weak and his heart rate was so elevated it could no longer be ignored. He finally said something to me about the stool and how weak he felt and said he might want me to take him to the hospital in a while if he didn't feel any better. I took one look at him, he was as white as a sheet.. I told him to lay down while i got ready, we are going now!

They admitted him for tests after a positive physical exam that yes, indeed there was blood in his bowel. They put him on an IV drip and then ran a gazillion tests and we waited for the GI doctor to come. Around noon on Monday he finally came. Upon further exam and more questions the Doctor said that he probably had quit bleeding and it probably was in his stomach since the blood was black. The then prepped him that evening giving him "slo go"solution to clean everything out for an upper and lower scope done on Tuesday around 1. Phew! what a seemed to take forever for anything to happen. Oh on Monday they gave him 2 pints of a blood transfusion...we found out yesterday that Art probably lost close to 4 pints total...that is like half of the blood in his body..eeeks! So they found the bleeding ulcer in his stomach, which by then had stopped bleeding and was beginning to heal and everything else looked great...he even got the clear for not needing another colonoscopy for 10 years. this whole thing was so scary...i really think i almost lost Art. I have been counting my blessings each day a 100 times since! He was released around 4pm Tuesday and we were so thrilled to go home that evening...then the craziness to finish prepping for Christmas began..yikes!! fortunately on Monday when i knew Art was stable, i went out and finished the Christmas shopping. so on Christmas Eve all i had to do was go grocery shopping, wrap all the presents.ha!(i did end up getting help from Salina and her two friends) The evening of Christmas Eve was spent partially at the airport waiting for Salina to arrive, her plane was delayed an hour..and then also trying to get Stephanie home from Chicago, all of the trains were sold out..they sold her reserved ticket to a paying she couldn't just go down there and pay as she got on like normal. All the flights were booked and outrageously expensive, even the next day. So, i ended up hiring a limo service to send their town car over to Chicago and get her...she arrived Christmas morning at she was there for Christmas morning..yay! All my babies were home!

Soft snow blanket, stillness, serenity, calm, Christmas morning!And the chaos ensues. Salina and her bright yellow "Michigan"jacket..something from home to take back to Portland with her.Ashton and his girlfriend Shannon..a bit bleary eyed but happy!Stephanie the wonder girl...or something..ha ha ha! Modeling her new red sweat suit from Victoria's Secret.Little Jonathon..thrilled to get his Nintendo DSTurner busy opening one of his..Tyrus was great at helping pass out the gifts!Chaos~Some of my latest studio endeavors. Here Arturo is getting a redo and a body trnasplant. I had originally used a Barbie's Kevin body> Kevin was a bit smaller than Ken and was skippers boyfriend. The only thing is there was very little articulation. His arms and legs only moved at the shoulder and hip. I transplanted a Bratz Boyz body onto Arturo so now he has much more movement and i also like the porportion to the original Blythe doll body.Here is is trying out his new body..don't ya love his leopard trunks?..lolHere Arturo and Anni stand for a Merry Christmas to all photo! They are in the Living room of one of the doll houses with their Blythe sized tree!~

Some hand work i did while in the hospital with Art. I had started these felt pouches before and was finished with Ashton's and had juststarted this one. I finished this one in the hospital. I have two more to make. They are gifts for the big kids. This one is for Stephanie, she has an orange cat...and of course now i can't remember his new name..originally he was called 22!

Here is Ashton's

This is my gift from Salina. I think she said she got it for me while she was in Hawaii with Michael and Dominique. She had a freudian slip and said that it looked like me..meaning something that I might like..but actually i think it is both....she looks like me..and i like!
A couple new girls. I had a hard timenaming them..after the hospital incident their names came to me. Joy for how i was feeling and Harmony for how my world normally feels with Art..i still know that i am so blessed to have him in my life. Besides, i brought our three boys into this world for he had better hang around and help me raise them!!
A little pink goodness! This set came in a larger set of toys from a company called Re-ment. Re-ment makes the most incredible miniatures. I even have mini sushi..ha ha! An outfit i had made a couple of weeks ago. The sweater and hat were made from one of those delightful tacky sweaters..perfect for the dolls!

This is Tori. she is a custom doll that i have been working and reworking on. The poor thing had come to me as a wreck. Her previous owner did some stuff to her and it just did not look very good. She had scratches and badly carved eye sockets and lips. So i cleaned her up, sanded her down and redid her makeup, new eye chips and finally got her new hair. This is her new mohair wig. It completed her look finally!I was in a Holiday swap on one of my Blythe groups. The gal i swapped with is Julie of Tickled Pink. She sent me these two adorable dresses and lots of other yummy goodies~This is what i sent to her. We happened to have each other out of a random draw! I made another outfit like above but in different colors. I added felt flowers to the hat and sweater.little gnome doll that i made and sent...i almost wanted to keep her..i have got to make more...i said that last year and got side tracked into a ton of other things..ha usual~here is my Blythe family as it was a couple of weeks ago...Tori no longer has pink hair and Ember(third from the right front row) has now changed coming

here Ember is telling mr sheepy how she has always felt like the black sheep around here...and had asked mom for some drastic changes....
the changes begin...complete disassemblyhere is the new called Ash!! I just love how he turned out!
a couple of new additions to our frog family around here...Trixie and Ed decided to adopt...

meet Tessa and Evan
here they are delighted with their new toys. The orphanage they came from had real "sucky"toys as Evan put it..they are hoping their new mom and dad let them keep the cool toys!Well that is all the latest that i can think of...i just realized it would be much easier if i would update more often...not all at once..phew! my hands are killing me..rofl!
Happy New Year to you all!!! stay safe and may all your wishes and dreams come true in 2009!!
love and hugs!


Joanne Huffman said...

It's so good that everything is OK with Art after your scare. I bet it was a doubly happy Christmas. You certainly have been busy with your dolls.

Happy New Year


Connie said...

wow! that was quite an update...and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Your Christmas looks wonderful- i love the combination of home made and store bought. Your Blythe dolls and their remakes are delightful. ...and of course Art being restored to full health in the nick of time is truly a Christmas miracle of pure joy!
Have a wonderful New Year.

Judy Streger said...

Your doll collection boggles my mind. I love that you made a doll to look like Ashton. I'll bet that's a first. I'm glad that you all were able to have a great Christmas in spite of the excitement with Art.

The Backporch Artessa said...

Thanks so much for updating! I so totally enjoy catching up! I'm so glad that Art is OKAY, and that all your babies made it home okay! (though I'm surprised you actually have room for them with your growing Blythe BROOD!)

jackie said...

Angela, I will say again how very happy I am that Art came through the health scare so well!! I know that was such an ordeal for y'all to go through - especially this busy time of the year!
I really enjoyed reading all of your updates and viewing all of the fun photos! It's great that the family was all together for Christmas!
Your world of dolls continues to expand and entertain - I am impressed that you can totally rebuild a doll almost from scratch! Your adorable outfits and accessories are amazing!
And that little gnome is SO freakin' cute!
I am in love with that mermaid ornament!! Too adorable!!
Thank you for taking the time to do all the updating - it was fun to catch up!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Oh my goodness! what a scare with Art!! I'm so sorry that happened but most happy that he is now Fine, Healthy, and at home! Whew... sounds like a crazy christmas for you guys, but overall a very good one. Much love to you and your family from ours!!

Brenda Heisler said...

Love your dolls and frogs. Very cleaver and cute.

Looks like we live in the same neck of the woods. Don't you just live Michigan winters?

Glad your husband is better. That must have been a nervous and stressful time for you.

Anonymous said...

Bless u Angela..I didn't know so much happened in 2008.I wish u and yr darling hubby and very happy family a happy and healthy yr..

bless u babe!!


Jennifer said...

Hi! I like your blog :) Glad you had a great Christmas!

Heather said...

Hello there! Hoping all is well with you and yours! Its nice to meet you!~

DollZandThingZ said...

That was an amazing post! Your photos and your dolls are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing that whirlwind week. I am so glad that things turned out well. Happy to new year to you and your family. I enjoyed visiting your blog!