Friday, April 18, 2008

wow!! where does time go?

not only did i just realize it has been 3 weeks since i last posted...sorry all..been playing mostly..but also have been working on new paper designs..and got caught up into the flickr thing!

but also i realize how fast time really baby first is 24 years old today..I am NOT old enough to be the mother of a 24 year old..yikes!~
so here she is at 5 months and then at 23 1/ Bithday Stephanie!!! I made her a birthday she is with Jonathon, Tyrus, Jake(he is squeazing in..tyrus' friend) Art and Turner...all my goofy boys


Joanne Huffman said...

Great pictures of Stephanie. And, yes, you are much to young to have a 24 year old daughter.


Mandy Chilvers said...

Happy birthday Stephanie, she is beautiful Angela.

Karen Owen said...

Stephanie is a beauty, but so are you and you do look too young to have a 24-year-old!

I laugh everytime I see pictures of your boys - don't you ever make them wear clothes? :-)


Gina M Smith said...

What cute picture! I tagged you on my blog!!You can thank me later!

Kathy McElroy said...

Great pictures. Stephanie looks so beautiful. Love her hair. Wish her a happy birthday for me.

Tracy said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday to your baby!
No, you cannot possibly be old enough to have a 24 yr. old. Nope.

Hope things are well with you these days!