Friday, March 28, 2008

well sh*&

i swear i am in a fog lately....okay lets see...darn it i should have peeked to see where i left off...

well i can attest to today's adventure..Tyrus had surgery. His broken arm was checked this past xray, etc to see how things were progressing..well, he must have gotten a bit wild and displaced the bones in his wrist and had to have them surgically corrected and planned to have pins put in. The universe was looking out for him...the doctor (doc Langworthy) found that the callouses of the healing area of the broken wrist bones, were still soft and was able to "pop" them back into place. So no surgery: incisions or pins were necessary..yay! Ty was such a trooper through this whole process...what a sweet boy! so it all turned out okay!!

Lets see what else..not a whole lot. I am trying to do some R and R..I so seriously need it. I just want to hibernate with no company, no special demands, nothing...on some days i wish i could just crawl into a hole and hide from the world. I must really need it because i keep getting sick. That is my signal from my body that i just need to stop and do not much~ I have never been this sick so much in my life. It started with the after effects of the trip to California for the papers, I was down for 5 days with a horrible upper respitory infection..and i have relapsed this week with a bad sinus infection...on antibiotics hopefully i will heal fast!

i have fallen into a fun thing though, and have been having so much fun playing..the world of Blythe dolls(go google them), it seems silly in some ways..but it really has brought me so much pleasure the past few weeks. I know i was supposed to wait..but i pulled my secret stash money i have been saving up and bought 3 of them...i just adore them(Art if you read this..forgive me..but it was my special spending money just for such an incident...i just HAD to have the girls~) It really has kept a smile on my face and has gotten me excited again..i really think i was heading for a bout of depression without it...I have fluctuated so much the past couple of months and i hate that. I rarely talk about it, to any one, not even Art for some reason i feel embarrassed by it..or less worthy...i try to be strong and wonder woman,kwim?...but i know there is a history in my family and i have to admit that i can be victim to it too. Although mostly i get affected with anxiety..but the let down after, can be depression!~ the best thing for me to do to battle it, is to keep exercising(shich i have been doing) and to find something that makes me smile...and these dolls have been that answer. and definitely cheaper and more effective than therapy..ha ha~
check out my little stories and scenarios at flickr..
i love that place and have sooo many friends there.

i broke my cardinal rule of not having pictures on my post...but that is what is so...but i promise next post..lots of pretty pics~ (if you go to my flickr there are lots of pics!~)
hope all is well in every ones world out there..
lots of love and hugs!!


Karen Campbell said...

No surgery and no pins -- yeah!!
Hope you take care of yourself, Angela! Doing too much can absolutely wear you down. Don't forget to get plenty of sleep too ... so your body can heal itself.

Joanne Huffman said...

Hope you feel better soon. I checked out the photos on flickr and your doll outfit is adorable. I have to admit, I never want to see another image of snow (much less real snow) for a very long time, but your photo of the snowy branches is very nice.


Gina M Smith said...

I may have to steal your headline for future use!

Tracy said...

Oh No! Tyrus broke his arm? Hope he heals quickly.
And, I know how you feel sometimes - being SuperMom just ain't practical. Take care. : )