Monday, November 19, 2007

ketchup everywhere....

okay catching up on the misc stuff that has happened the past week and also a couple of Halloween pics. Last week was so crammed with stuff I had to use this week's quota of room to write in every thing..conferences Monday, swim practice 3 evenings, had to make this cake for cubscouts auction weds, cleaned the house in between and finished by thursday.continue down for my grand tour of my very clean house....and no it does not stay that way...i do like to do artwork once in a while...oh and tuesday afternoon I went to the restaurant we are having catering our Christmas dinner for Art's office...and so thursday I treated myself to lunch when i finished the house!!!

the boys for Halloween...Jonathon as Darth Vader, Turn as a knight...because he wanted the weapons..rofl..and Ty as the grim reaper or whatever it was.... Salina as a penguin...
oh I forgot our new addition....the rat.... I don't know what her name is...something weird and I can't remember it...

this is the pile from cleaning for 5 days straight...I was on my way for a treat at the BiCi Bistro...yumyum!! I think it has the best food in our humble little city...I will visit there frequently!~

Isn't their sign awesome! BiCi means bicycle in Italian, the whole restaurant is themed with bikes and bike racing..very cozy and a fun atmosphere~

and on my way out I had to make a quick visit to the ladies room..this is the view from the toilet...i love it!okay my hands are going to fall off...please continue below and tour my home.....I have pics of Dad and Carol from the trip back from the Dtroit Metro aiport but I have had enough blogging for the moment..I also am going to take pictures of my AWESOME load of goodies from Carol and my trip to the antique store! what treasures~...more later!



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Joanne Huffman said...

Enjoy your company, you've really made the house look tidy and comfortable. The restaurant looks cool.