Monday, November 19, 2007

home tour...

Welcome to my home! for years I have wanted to do a complete(well almost) tour of my home!!! and since we have company here, with more coming for Thanksgiving and the house is as clean as it ever has been, I had decided to create a photo tour of my home! Our home is almost 6000 sq ft, the main living area is the downstairs areas and the upstairs is occupied my art studio and my hubby Art's home theater...I did not take pics of either but will provide links to each in the appropriate parts of the tour! Please feel welcome and i hope i don't bore you to tears with my tour! Our front foyer when you walk in the door. The stairs in the back go up to my can tour that here, It is a page of before and afters of a complete clean out this past isn't as clean as the after pics..but isn't nearly as bad as the before...when you turn to the left this is what you see....and then turn to the right to the interior parts to the kitchen:

and a tiny seating area further to the right my living room
the hallway beyond the living room
right before you go through the hallway is the french dor out to the patio and to our brand new deck and hot tub..YAY!!! it was just completed this past week~through the hallway and to the left is the master bedroom...i can't remember when it was last this clean...I had just hung the pieces above my bed and over the fire placethe masterbath..nothing to exciting
in the hallway to the right: our Rec room...i also call it the pool table room...Art laughs at me..through that door is the messy garage...we had this room remodeled afew years the rest of the house. The house started out with 2000 sq feet and we have added and added....perpetual construction ...ugh! back through the hallway and turn to the left...the Living Room..we spend most of our time herea view to the rest of the main areai love my kitchen!~
this does not include my art magazines and huge collection of books usptairs
one of my paintings from a while back..through that tiny hallway is Art's office, tyrus room and the "boys bathroom"
Tyrus has a love for i painted a planet scene of our solar system with the sun being the center light fixture! He still needs his curtains put up~

a little view of Art's is so cozy in there~

the "boys bathroom"

this is the back hallway....go through the kitchen past the table...see above
a view from the right end of the hallway...3 bedrooms along the right, the laundry closet to the left..ha! no laundry in the hallway today! and the pantry down on the left...oops..I forgot to close the door!
behind me when taking the previous pictures, Salina's bathroom...the cleanest in a year or more...and notice dad's "oh shit!"bar as Stephanie calls them...that had me rolling~The builder put one inside and outside so dad could shower safely~

the first bedroom from the bathroom...of course...Salina's adorable room. I redecorated it for her for her 16th birthday last January!I am so proud of the stripes~ It is a kind of neaveau victorian New Orleans sort of look..lolthen Jonathon's room....It was Salina's old room with her old mural...after i redo Turners poor room Jon'swill be next..but for a 5 year old it is happy...he hasn't whined about the mermaid yet..rofl~Turners room, it seems so grubby and he has stickers all over everything and his blind is beyond needing replaced..I plan on doing this after the holidays. I am going to paint a city scape with robots along the top!the pantry!..yum lots of food!and last but not least..the stairs that leads to Art's home theater that you can tour here


Aileen said...

What fun to see the complete house tour only thing better would be to see it in person! Salina's room is adorable looks like right out of a decorating magazine, great job Angela!!

Adrienne's Art said...

Angela, you have a beautiful home ... I know you are very proud of it. Not only are you a talented artist, but you have an eye for interior design as well. Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day with all your family together. Cheers! Adrienne

paperpest said...

Nice house tour but I was just reading about the murder of Sean Taylor during a break-in of his home. Perhaps it's not such a good idea to layout the premises in detail.

Old Mother Hen

Michelle said...

I'm in love with your home! IT's beautiful.. can I still come and play.. and bring all our turkeys too? :D