Friday, November 9, 2007

woa..real life has sucked me in....

like a bog or quicksand...there is nothing terribly exciting going on other than the regular stuff...The boys are doing their thing...not always boring,sometimes a head shaker...turner gets a report every day from his teacher..I should post some of the things that get written on them...last week a couple that I can remember "he said 'tit' in the lunch line"...he touched a girls bottom...and then lied about it...but I saw it it..he touched her bottom"..okay so what is a mom to do...the boy is a true boy and I will have to buy condoms by the crate load once he gets to thaty age...that little boy has loved women/girls since he could talk. He has also always gravitated to bad words and body parts and functions. He is being raised in the same household as 3 other boys have and are and they do not have issues like this..with notes from school what do i do?..giggle silently, then put on my stern mom face and talk with him about how these words and behaviors are inapropriate and please don't do this any more. Then the next morning I hold my breath and hope he behaves yet one more day...*sigh*

So what season is over..YAY!..I had a couple weeks reprieve and now it is swimming season. Tyrus was signed up this week for the swim club. He had his first night of practice Tuesday. He will go again tonight and then 3 days a week after that. He is amazingly fast for never having been in the club before...I was watching them doing their practice laps..he passes all the boys in his lane and he is only crusiing!..He seems to really love it! And Turner is now in cubscouts...he is thrilled with all of the projects they get to do!

So artisticly I have not made anything in weeks again. I did however do an R&R weekend last weekend and sewed and made myself anew outfit..out of that gorgeous fabric Stephanie wrapped herself she wouldn't make off with my new fabric...I could just see her sneaking it out..ha ha...actually i really loved it and wanted a nice fall ensemble to wear. I am wearing it tomorrow to go to Cliff's theater meet, so I will try to remember to snap a picture. I hope you all aren't disapointed!! Since I look more like a rather ripe and plump mother nature that has given birth to many wood nymph's rather than the maiden form of a fairy in the garden..rofl!

Okay sine there are no pictures to break up the dialog I will keep this short..hopefully soon i will have something fun to show!!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, I think your new outfit is beautiful and you look like a spirited and fun wood nymph in it.


The Backporch Artessa said...

Hey Girl!
Understand the live sucking thang all too well! But at least you're living it with gusto right!! And maybe Turner will really take to the cub scout motto thing, and that will help him focus some of that love for women into a constructive energy! Hee hee- I'm running out to buy stock in Trojan just in case....

primdollie said...

Oh am all here with you on the life sucking thing too and LOL I have no kids at home!!! I wouldn't make it if i did esp after a day every day with those little kindergarteners!!! LOL yes I bet it is something when Turner comes home!! and yes buying stock in the condom companies may pay off!!! hehehe but here's hoping he'll be good too!!! hang in there and yes I too am having LOTS of trouble being creative!! need help come over and we can play together ok maybe that will help!!! hugs Linda
have fun with the family that sounds like WAYYYYYYY too much work for this ole gal!!!