Friday, October 5, 2007

tonight is art therapy night!

and i am in serious need of it! It seems in life that when it rains it pours...Let's see; not only am i recuperating from the let down of 2 or more months of 'Adrenaline Let-Down'...and all but one of the kids had "issues"this week, plus my dad was diagnosed with a form of in his eyes it was a good thing because he can get the treatment he needs for his degenerating disease...and please don't ask what it is..and Dad I know you read are welcome to add to the comment section of what it is called and eloborate on this stuff....okay so his last email made me feel better..sort of....and here come the tears again... Let me explain to you, even though I am 42 years dad is still my daddy and i am a daddy's girl through and through...and nothing in this world holds a candle to that special 'first love' that I have with him. So, no matter how reasurring his words are, I am still worried and the word cancer just scares the shit out of me. I have had 3 friends die of cancer in the past 3 years. Not to mention other people that are close to my friends that are also battling this horrible disease! so I am worried!~

so on to the kids....lets start with the oldest still in the easy sweetheart that is spoiled rottne just because she is always such a sweetheart...well some birdie told me her grades weren't so good...i check online on power school....ACK!!!!! 2-E's, a D and a C????? what the heck? Why can they not go on auto pilot and just want to get good grades. Needless to say her car has been grounded..she can ONLY drive to and from school...and if the grades do not improve dramatically, her trip to visit her bf will be cancelled. Child #2...tyrus..sick, he had fluid behind both eardrums and a constant headache(my guess a sinus infection....) he is on antibiotics and seems better today...finally

and last Turner..we had problems with his behavior and language and being really behind last news until today at the meeting..well i did get a couple of discipline referalls early this week(first sign of trouble so far)...he had called a girl a "f*cker" and had stolen an eraser.....We had a meeting scheduled today with the whole team at the included the Harper Creek School system psychologist, the teacher, the social worker for the school, the reading recovery teacher, the special resources teacher and principal. So we talked about his behavior and sort of set up a plan of action and agreed to have him tested to see if there is a possibility of a learning disability. My guess....a possible slight dyslexia and a developmental delay in his learning. That child is highly intelligent and also a VERY VERY creative sort....gees wonder where he got that? I think he will all of a sudden "get it". He has always been more physical in his personality so it doesn't suprise me that he isn't catching on to the reading as fast as others...Ashton had similar issues when he was small. I finally tried buying him 'Goosebumps' books..way beyond his level..but he loved them so much he just started reading them and has been a voracious reader ever since. I took the long shot and got Turner the very same books...he almost fell over in excitement a bit ago when I showed them to him....I hope it works!.....So i just feel like a failure in some ways....but more like they act like my child is some 'jeffrey dalmer' sort or something because he used the "f" word and no other 7 year old ever has in the history of the school. And gees where did he learn this in the first place?...ha!...Ashton..the big brother..okay i have to laugh...and yes I am not perfect and swear sometimes and so does Art on occasion.....not always, and I am really trying to not swear at all. *sigh* so it has been a trying sent me almost over the edge, so doing art tonight is highly important...and you should have seen the look in my eyes when Art told me his movie projector wasn't working!!!!!! OMG!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well, fortunately it was fixed back to where it was..still flickers..but his babysitter was revived enough to get him into his he can recharge and let me do artwork in peace, too~

and here after that loooong whine, here is what I have accomplished so far on the art table tonight:

oh i did get a bit of fun and exciting news this week. I was invited to participate in's (the publishing mother company of Somerset Studio magazine) new weekly inspirational newsletter. I am not sure if it is a one time thing or an on going one. They will send me a preview of a new product that they want to highlight for me to choose if it would suit my style and I would be the featured artist of the week, with a sample and instructions that I created~ they said there is around 17,000 readers of that particular newletter....wowowowow!! I am reeeeally excited~

okay back to the art table before too much of this wine kicks 6 more flat sissies to go...


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, I'm sorry you're having such a trying time. Family life is full of both joys and pitfalls. Your art is, as always, very good. CONGRATULATIONS on having ask you to be a contributor!

Anonymous said...

I've tried to post here a few times and it won't go through, basically I said I will say a prayer for your dad. I am so sorry he is going through this, cancer is a scary thing. Hugs and positive thoughts for you and your daddy. As far as the issues with the kids, you and Art are great parents and will do the best you can to help them. I hope things get better quickly. Enjoy your wine and your creative time, you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Angela girl, hang in there and whine when you need too - you are just living life, ya know!!! I understand completely how you feel about your daddy - the squeezing of your heart, the sadness, the hope and the love. I will say this, you are a lucky lucky lady to have a man that you can call "daddy". I know all about having a good good daddy!!! And as far as your children, you and Art are both doing what you can - you whole family sounds wonderful, so just know that you are doing what you are supposed to do - raising that family to the best of your ability. OMG, now I'll get down off my box!!!!

primdollie said...

wow girl 1st sorry about dad know what you mean no matter how much consoling they do still scary so hope all will be ok!!! saying prayers of course! and the kids well my dear they are kids and will be ok and your ARE NOT a failure don't be silly and trust me he is not the 1st 7 yo to say F----- so poop on them!!! had a 3 year old one day when working at my 1st profession (a medical assistant) call the lab tech a bitch to her face!!!! so please don't let them act like they have never heard it all before!!! and I work with special needs so trust me after 10 years have heard and seen it all from the typical kids as well as my kids!!! it will be ok and he will "get it" !!
and congrats on the Stampington's invite!! way to go!! your art here is wonderful!! as always!! so big hugs sweetie hang in there!!
smooches Linda

Unknown said...

Oh Angela, you made me cry. I wished you wouldn't worry so much. They're all kinds of cancer and this is not one of the real bad ones. Think of it as a skin cancer that has been discovered early enough. It can be treated successfully. It's a slow growing B--cell lymphoma just limited to the bone marrow. Unfortunately, it creates antibodies which cause my neuropathy. But both should be taken care of by the new treatment I will be getting starting Monday.
Tell Salina and Turner they better shape up soon will have a serious talk with them on Thanksgiving when we come to visit. I hope Tyrus gets better soon. Love u