Sunday, October 14, 2007

you know..i thrive on chaos...hallowen around the house

ha ha! Okay it really does seem to the naked eye and some days also to myself that I thrive on chaos...but I am telling you for now I have had enough!

This week has been another one of those crazy weeks!! I finished and mailed swap stuff and then took a day out and played...i created a wonderful and fun Halloweenscape around here~

starting in the front yard

welcome to our haunted house~

Frankenstein has been up to his old tricks with the help of his spider friends

enter if you dare!!!!!

the spider friends seem to take preverse pleasure in scaring the guests away....even hanging on the lights...ugh*shudder*
as you enter this wonderfully haunted house...oooh scenes of scary enchanted fat books and missing arms and jack-o-lanterns all over
as you walk in magical frogs and flying witches greet you!
the fall winds have brought in magical sparkling leaves all over, with enchanted frogs and witches flying and landing here... mysterious skulls waiting for magical spells of wicked nature

a sinister shrine of witches spells and wishes for tricks or treats with almost innocent witches beguiling you into the game... the most innocent witch wishing you "twick oh tweet" from the most magical creator of all Kirstensinister bat pictures and greetings from the "black hat society" continue the intrigue as you tour this most haunted house... vintage greetings and witches riding the moon under the light of the flickering cauldrons create such a spooky air....
with horrid creatures lurking in every corner!! witches brooms waiting for their riders to appear..with wicked cats lurking about with their horrid rat friends....
and rather than bats in the belfrie, you discover a gaggle of bats hovering in the bar..... so as you try to reason this horrid picture in your head and resolve!!....a stiff drink will solve it realize it is all of the imagination of this crazy artist named angela..who loves to play and create fun!
so here she is trying to retain what little sanity she can claim!..she had created the latest of her swap of the flat sissies..and here shares them with you!

with her page of her own flat sissy...Gossamer Moonbeam..with her big ears and sweet disposistion, she hovers in the moonlight in the midst of winter with gossamer webs on her wings....
so here we are with Angela's long awaited conclusion for the week and update on her is really good! Football for Tyrus is over...we had the party for all the boys that lasted until 4am..ugh...those stinky boys wouldn't sleep and now after meeting another beloved diva...Diva Jan....tomorrow a synopsis of our meeting...I will close..this was a waaaay too long post and my hands are tired....
until next time....
crazy lady angela(as Salina calls me...rofl)


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, you certainly have been busy. The holiday decorations are wonderful; I bet you get lots of happy spooky visitors. The flat sissies are very cool.

Karen Campbell said...

Wow -- what fun Halloween decorations! Love the art sprinkled throughout the house!!

Vale said...

Hiya Angela!
How wonderfully inviting your home pics are! You've really got me in the Hallowe'en frame of mind now! I love Hallowe'en, it really brings out the kid in us and our fun dark sides too! lol Thanks, just beautiful!
Warm goblin hugs from Vale ;)

Aileen said...

Great decorations Angela very kewl LOL

Adrienne's Art said...

Angela, LOVE your Halloween decorations! It's great how you've used all your altered art to decorate... mine just gets piled in a closet. I have a giant spider by my front door too (go figure). Maybe I'll snap some pics of my Halloween decor ... how fun!