Monday, October 15, 2007


this must be the month of exciting new adventures and good news~ I just got an email from a woman I had conversed with at the summer CHA show about teaching at her store's annual retreat in Niagra falls...I some how must have not responded or something...i may have done my it for later when i have time for a proper answer and had let it slip by me! WEll it is official~ I am teaching up to 4 clases at the retreat in May! I am so glad it is in the spring..this fall has slipped by me with almost no time for any art other than quick swap catch ups...with more coming here this week...I did the smart thing though..once I am through the next batch...2 charm swaps and 2 12 days of christmas swaps...I am done other than one altered book RR..and that is what I am keeping it at...that one book rr....I have so much to do with developing new paper lines, I will be a co author of a book soon...workshop now..CHA winter...being a featured artist on Stampingtons newsletter....and creating a project here and there...WOW!!!! I am just so excited with these things....I am amazed that the pace is always at one that I can handle without comprimising being a mom...that is cool~

so go check out the location of the retreat...Niagra Falls of earlier today they have 30 spots left~ so hurry go sign up!

today was a bit busy but is Turner's 8th birthday..he is currently playing with his giant remote control race car...oh my it was soooo cute. when he opened it he said he didn't know that there was one sooooo big! he loves it....

well no pictures at the moment...i will find something to share again visually later this week~

oooh i dad called me and let me know that I need not worry, his form of cancer is like a very curable skin cancer..and is very very slow growing. the treatment he is receiving is a biological form of treatment(made from live cells of some sort) where it attaches itself to any cancer cells and his own immune system will react and eliminate the cancer cells...totally non invasive like a chemo would i feel so much better! I can't wait until he and Carol come visit for 10 days at Thanksgiving..YAY!!!
well that is all for tonight!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Yay for you, Angela! This is all very cool.