Thursday, October 4, 2007

I get giddy....

When i get to do art....too funny! I seriously really get all excited and my heart starts pitter-pattering when i start digging through my papers and collage supplies. Okay i don't mean to sound big headed or anything, but at times I really amaze myself..... I am horribly embarrassed at my lateness on a couple of my swap commitments, so I am trying to fit them in inbetween normal household duties. It is sad, even though I am a stay at home mom..i seriously only normally have time for artwork on weekends. I mostly catch up laundry, household chores and any errand running/shopping during the week,so my time in the studio is limited most weekdays. Any way, I got the night off from football pratice duty and made use of the time i had in my studio..first hour I dinked on the computer(not so productive)but i dug in, the last hour that I had and create all five of these 4x4" collages for a "flat sissy" fatbook page exchange.

Each person contributed a character and we are to create a page of things that we did with them. Okay i have to admit mine are sort of made up...but it might be possible that we did them...except maybe the paris the amazing part!....I created 5 collages in about an hour..and I like them!
first collage:
bird watch(i ran out of room for the "ing" but like it this
trip to paris rainbow doesn't that sound fun...I was just digging through a drawer of collage elements and the rainbow seemed perfect for this character....i have to say spontaneous collage seriously is fun and thinking..just let the muse play!!!
fun in the that says it all....this is made with papers that i created that did not make the cut to go to print...i still think these would do really well..but ahhh wait til you see my newest ones that will go to print...I love them and can't wait until i can share...sometime in January or february...*sigh* so far away!

last one for tonight "let's play"..we do play games on occasion around here....good night!!!... until tomorrow...Art has the day off...other than a meeting about Turner and the gym, tomorrow is back to my studio in the afternoon...i bought 4 dvd's for that should entertain him enough so I can come play in my studio for the next 4 days!!!~ After that party, I am in dire need for major art therapy!.....aaaaaaaaaahhhhh so good to back in my studio...i think i am going to go shufffle stuff around once more before bed...


Anonymous said...

Fun fat book pagesw.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the preview girlfriend! The pages are awesome!
Can't wait to get my hot little hands on them! They are little treasures! I always knew playing with paper dolls was a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I love your work!! You are so creative. I really like the rainbow jumping one..what fun!!