Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am starting to wonder if we have mischieveous faires around!!!

I have spent the better part of this morning...3 hours or more hunting and for one out of 5 pairs of a certain kind of of which I had spotted yesterday. It is those Fiskars craft scissors...I know I should have 2 pairs of orange, one hot pink,one light pink and a 3 week old pair of red handled ones....last week i had one pair of the orange ones...and now for the life of me can't find them...i even cleaned my studio up searching for them....all bedrooms and every where else i can think of. You would think i would have found at least one pair..but none! *sigh* I did however locate every other pair of scissors in every other least 6 pairs or more...rofl!

well any way Salina is grabbing me a pair so i can create this afternoon...

I am catrching up more swaps..last night I created these: I had purchased pile of misc yo-yo's and the tiny ones were perfect for these charms!!
...i am looking forward to getting all of my pages back for the flat sissy swap. I have now handed over all future swaps..including the valentine charm swap to the hostess with the mostess Kari yay! is so weird..not one of the other players have shared any of their artwork with the group..i wonder why?!!
okay off to see what i can do in the meantime while i am waiting for my new scissors....til later~xoxox


A Note From The Queen said...

Don't you hate that when your scissors grow legs and go on an adventure without you!!! I have a pair of Tim Holtz Tonic scissors that have done that a time of two. However, I have 4 kids and usually one of them knows exactly where they are!!! Great charms btw!!!

Anonymous said...

Houses eat things and they hide things. You can only find these things when you are looking for other things. It's just the way it is.

Vintage Papers said...

these are so sweet! as for the scissors - I always ask my fairy who will be 18 tomorrow. she is very good at making Mom's supplies vanish! :)

The Backporch Artessa said...

My mom always tied a long pink ribbon to the handle and knotted it several times. It didn't really ever get in the way while using them, but it sure made the scissors hard to hide in a drawer with all the ribbon on it! My pet peeve is when I find the special cooking scissors out in the garage (yucko) having been used for Heaven knows!

Michelle said...

Those are so cute!!!

If you find your scissors, please check if my acrylic stamp is with them! :D