Friday, October 13, 2017

Trailer Rally and Vintage Market!

Hey guys, long time no post, yet again! But thought I would post an update!  I went to a Vintage Market and Trailer Rally a few weeks ago and thought i would share some of the photos.  I added a new theme to my trailer for this year with pink and red, with a Red Riding Hood theme.  The curtains were pink with Red Riding Hood tumbled as the design by my now favorite designer Stacie Lest Hsu!  I hand appliqued the comforter cover using the pattern and templates from Lori Holt's quilt along that she did last year from her blog: Bee in My Bonnet! Using many fun colors for a bright and cheery quilt to go along with the theme! 

I created some new applique designs for the pillows to enhance my Red Riding Hood them, modeling the characters a bit from the actual fabric to coordinate well. I made the doll kit that came with the fabric line and found a wolf in my toy stash! 

In the first photo, you can see my newly built dinette. I had my builder take out the original gaucho bench and using the original wood, recreate it into a dinette for two. He made a new little table, with red boomerang laminate (we decided to redo all the laminate at this time as well to all red rather than the original gray!)  Then I made new cushions to size. I created the cushions so they can still all lay down on top of the collapsible unit and make into a small bed! Now i can leave my big bed made up at all times and still have a place to sit and have coffee or a snack! 

My vintage "Toast it with Roses" sign, it is reversible and i still love it as a fun accent and it camouflages the TV behind it.  My Middie Blythe dressed as Red Riding Hood and her vintage Wolf help continue the theme!

The new red laminate added such a beautiful touch and made it so colorful!

Found this fabulous vintage looking fan at Lowe's.  Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shakers for the theme

Here you see a Red Riding Hood tea pot to continue the theme, along with my new retro looking coffee pot and toaster!

Now to the exterior!
Welcome to Oma's Trailer, Sign i made the morning of the rally! Haha. Had this one in my head for a year!
Welcome table, had the water jug filled, some grateful guests enjoyed the lemon water I filled this with!

Mr Wolf guarding the door!

My fall display by the tongue fence! I had so much fun creating this!  I had found a garden flag imprinted with a vintage Red Riding Hood flag!

My table display with hand made fabric roses and vintage melamine/melmac dishes! 

Here is the entire exterior!  I had such a great time with my decorating this year! I was so excited when I was told I won first place for the "people's choice favorite trailer" award! The prize was a bag full of hand made goodies from various restaurants around Marshall. So many yummy things~

Well there ya go, a an update on one of my adventures!! Till next time, have a beautiful day!

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