Monday, May 12, 2008

life just flies by

i have realized that i have slacked off on my blog posting..i love my blog..but it seems time warps are prevalant lately...

lets see....not a whole lot exciting lately..other than asshole neighbors on mothers day eve..came home to find out that the idiots called the fire dept again for our smoldering pile of leaves(our friend neighbors were watching it for us) biggie really, except these idiots don't like us and have a personal vendetta against started a few years ago when their son hit Tyrus with a clump of dirt that had a rock in it..and Tyrus had to have stitches...yes you read that right...OUR son was the one needing stitches...we never made any big deal out of it because all of the neighborhood kids were playing in a dirt pile throwing dirt clumps at each other...this one just happeend to have a rock in it and hit Ty in the ear against his glasses....he even went to shake the kids hand to let him know no hard feelings...two weeks later they call CPS on us(child protective services) They obviously watch us closely...When i usded to smoke, i smoked outside on the front porch and would let Jonathon come out with me to run around in the front yard..ALWAYS in my sight..but my front porch sits back and the neighbors couldn'tsee me..assuming i was not outside..what idiots...and ever since then they try to find anything to harrass it was rather annoying...and you just can't feel relaxed. We also suspect them of signing up several neighbors(the mail carrier varifies this) that they don't like, to all kinds of pornographic mailings and "gay"suscriptions and such...Matt and i were talking today, we should sign them up for any and all church/religous mailings we could think of...since they obviously need some intervention, ha ha!...oh and Art even thought maybe he could wear a banana hammock to do yard work and i could wear a thong bathing when they come hme they will have some interesting things to watch on their survellaince camera, mounted on the back of their house conveniently directed at our we might just go ahead and give them a show....oh and i told Matt next saturday we should get all of our tiki torches(no burning permit needed) and sit in the field with those....we can have our fire..and they can eat it...making fun of people like that is the best ammuntion..totally takes away their has been interesting the past couple of days...there is a ton more to the story but i won't bore you with any more details

On Saturday(before all the above crap)I had the pleasure of photographing our neighbors(the same ones that i metion above..the friend ones) for their mom...all of them! Matt and Michelle and his two sisters and all the fun~

TimothySherrithe Family~ Matt and Michelle and all three wee of the cousins..she was not happy..but i did manage a couple individual ones of her smilingElizabeth....she has the prettiest eyes~the whole crew...what a pile...i need to practice group sitting arrangements...but hey it was for free..and so fun~! i spent a lot of mothers day working on one of my blythe dolls rescues. This is Tori..she had some bad things done to her...i sand matted her and then repainted her make up..and gave her eyelashes...she looks so sweet now..i did put her pink wig back on until i have the time to redo her hair..she will have green fairy hair..she is my forest fairy...

she had bad scratches and over carved see more of my doll pictures visit my flickr site

she got new eye chips...Blythe dolls have 4 sets of pull a string on the back of her head and they change to a new set....they are called eye chips...two are front facing and two are left and right each set can be different...these are her left facing ones..irridescent with sparkles
here are her eyelids when her eyes are closed..i painted those too...
so there a nutshell version of the latest happenings...much more has happened..but please for simplicity go visit the above link to my flickr to see the pics...


until next time!~


Joanne Huffman said...

wonderful photos of your friends.


jackie said...

Your photography skills are excellent! Enjoyed all the photos!
Sorry you're having trouble with the neighbors - there is always at least one of THOSE in each neighborhood, it seems.
On my way to go look at your dolls - sounds fun!