Wednesday, May 21, 2008

back to some fun stuff~

okay now that that business of misinterpretations is cleared..i would love to share with you some of my latest creations! On to the Happy stuff!

Here are a couple of pictures i took of the projects I created for's Creative Impulse is posted on their site in the gallery of projects and if you go to the shop and find the paper dolls they are both there with directions on how to create your own
My first project is the movie star mobileand a boudoire~here are a few projects i created for the Creative Therapy blog
this catalyst was "what do you like best about yourself" My answer was my reflects who i am inside..happy and full of sunshine..loland something i remembered from my childhoodand the last catalyst was "someone you miss" I created amini shadow box with a photo of my grandmother. She taught me many crafts and a lot about sewing~ My little sewing fairy~and the other thing i have been playing with is my Blythe dolls..and have been making lots of clothes for mine and for trades with other Blythe mommy's! Phew I forgot how much work it is to sew but boy it has been fun~
I had a near disaster..Oscar almost killed my sewing machine. He got tangled up in the cord and pulled it off the split open at the seams...however..i was able to rescue it and snap it back together...PHEW!
Petra is modeling this turtle dress, it is for a trade

this is another trade...i love this one..will be hard to part with, Anni looks so pretty in it!
another trade...but i made a pink one for me to keep in the same style. It was made with a vintage skipper pattern, My angel Kaelaray looks pretty in this one...
Madison loves this one..we are keeping it for her

made 3 of this to keep 2 to sell...i love this kitty fabric, Ember's hair matches the cat color in it..LOL!

well enough for now..i am sure i can dig up tons more i have made....but will save it for later!
have a wonderful day...and i promise i will behave and leave the neighbors alone....although salt and vinegar crop circles in their lawn, sounds kind of fun...ha ha...totally kidding~


Joanne Huffman said...

I can't imagine sewing such tiny clothes. Very cool. Your paper doll art is fun and appealing. Somerset is oucky to have you on their team.


mendytexas said...

I love all of your projects and photos, but the movie star mobile is my fav! What a fabulous project!!

Constance Blythe said...

What fabulous dresses your girls look wonderful in them.