Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Belated Christmas/Happy Holidays greetings...

okay...some one opened the barn doors of busy and all the cows ran out to the pasture....I have spent the last two weeks trying to herd them all back in....on foot..with bare feet in the snow...up hill...both ways....KWIM?...yikes was it lets see if i can recap a bit.
Office party on the friday 21st...was wonderful but spent half the week getting ready ..the other half jumping from childrens events and Christmas parties and such and also nusring a cold and stomach flu at the same time....I had two drinks on Friday...too sick for much was fun and wonderful though! Art has such a wonderful staff....and the husbands/SO were sweet too. The girls got me a cute little gift basket with my all time favorite scent Bath and Body works stuff...Vanilla....YUM *scratch Here to smell*..ha ha jk...I am still waiting for "smell-o-vision"..wouldn't that be fun?

Art and the girls
I just love this picture of Art...he is so darn cute...okay yeah even after 12 + years I am still in love *sigh*

Saturday the 22nd..Turner and his cub scout troup visited a nursing home...they had made over 100 cards and ornaments to pass out to the residents. Turner was so sweet and gentle with the older people. I wish I could have captured his expression..tilted head and all when he was talking to them. I was on the verge of tears almost the whole time..bless all these peoples hearts~

okay i did splurge a bit and took some time off in between shopping on Saturday and Sunday...i needed it. MY feet have been hurting so bad for the past couple of months i seriously need time off of the poor things...Any splurge caught up with me on Christmas Eve...i scrambled and finished my shopping and also picked Ashton up at the same time..arriving home close to 8...made home made pizza...and guess what?..i had to WRAP ALL of the presents still..around 12:30 i had a melt down and cried...and cried..Salina finally peeled away from her ex????huh/ WTF?...and helped me like she said she would hours we finished around 1...i fell into bed. I did manage to sleep like a log and woke up with a much better attitude (PMS, wine and exhaustion just don't mix well) So Christmas was fun...the kids had a blast opening presents..the kids got us lovely gifts and it was mostly just us...I stayed in my jammies all day. this year i decided to stray from the norm and created a new tradition for and turf!! YAY! it was awesome~ NY strips, Crablegs(lobster tail for Art)hushpuppies, stuffed mushrooms made from scratch and no recipe, stemaed beans, dirty rice and shrimp cocktails...yumyum...a new tradition was born..we all decided it was awesome!

here are the kids after opening presents

the madness of unwrapping looked like Armageddon around here...oh still does..rofl~
Today..the house is a wreck and I seriously don't care......and we went to see Golden Compass...very, very cool movie~ I love the subtle hints of some of the madness we see in our own society..(especially the wacky controls of the Catholic offense to any Catholic readers..but hey..i am a recovering Catholic that suffered abuse from vicious nuns when i was a child...HA! any movie they recommend not seeing must have something good in hiding truth from its followers....gees i am being quite political tonight huh?)..ha ha...any way the movie was refreshingly different and had beautiful visuals...I hope Art gets it in Hi Definition when it comes out so I can see the beauty in more detail, than what theaters offer now adays...I hope they can make the sequel..Daniel Craig is a great actor...and he was the dad...with potential for an awesome role in the next one...

I know I am fogetting a whole lot of goings on...and am so behind. I participated in two AWESOME 12 days of Christmas swaps and took some pictures..but then life got out of control and never had a chance to take picvtures of all the beautiful gifts. WOW1 it was such a treat every morning to open a couple of treasures from my art friends...and also somewhere in this madness a nephew was born..a week ago I think. Ryan, my little sister, gave birth to her second child..a little boy named Sawyer Beckett he is 4 days old with his big sister Sydney...yay! more babies love babies~Here is my last remix outfit...a thrifted brown knit dress....oh my it is comfie...with red leggings from forever ago...brown Nine West shoes from Good will and hand made rag ball necklace and earrings...just right for finishing up Christmas shopping on Christmas was jammie pics for you of that..rofl!

okay so now that the holiday madness is over, i am hoping I can have a really nice boring couple of's to winter and boring~ *clink clink* wine glass lifted to my little world here...rofl~


12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

Angela, Thank you for the most gorgeous `angel' ) - Artful Christmas Swap -she is just so cute, also the lovely ornament on the gift box -totally inspirational- I just love it.
Your Christmas photos are great.
Hugs from N.Z.

Anonymous said...

Angela, looks like you had a very nice Christmas... love your remix outfit! Your a cutie-pie and I love your unique style! Rawwkk on girlfriend! :) ((Hugs))

Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, you certainly had a busy Christmas. I hope things calm down and you can get lots of time in your studio. Your kids look like they enjoyed Christmas and I think your remix outfit is very cool.


Gunfighter said...

Just reading this made me tired... but then, I have spent the last seven hours at the irongin board.

Merry Christmas!