Sunday, December 9, 2007

working on some projects...

I am about 3 weeks behind on one of my projects..I am hanging my head in is an RR book for a dark themed altered Book Round Robin...i have been working on it finally. I got stumped at my initial starts..something was wrong..i hated it and couldn't get past that for a while and have let all of the other things take higher priority..although in some ways they were more pressing and urgent. I finally realized the main problem..not the concept but my main character..i wasn'tconnecting because i needed a better main character. I have picked the theme of vampires as my subject...and i for somereason was having a hard time until i came across the "littleest Vampire" and decided my story was to be about a little vampire..with other child vampires as her friends and characters in my beginning story. But i had used modern images for the intial character...and hated i kept coming back to this one photo I had come across and it was perfect.. I found her and cut her out as my main character...and now I am rolling...lots of details in the book so it may take a day or more....but! I am over the hump and block and am on my way....Now since I am the hostess...if I caused any problems I do have the power to extend any!

I was also working today on trying my hand at some new many artists create these gorgeous collages with painted faces and figures on top...i have been wanting to do this for ages...DJ Pettitt is one of my favorite artists that has inspired me over the years...and now I see more and more...i really would like to get into is a whole new territory for me...i very rarely have painted it is new and a bit frustrating because it isn't perfect..but like anything else new..I have to start somewhere~


Joanne Huffman said...

It's a great beginning. Is she one of your fairy riders? T%his could be a start for another series.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Good Morning Angela,
I didn't mean to ignore you and your comments. I love comments and I especially love when someone comes for a visit and tours around and tells me so. I love that.
I have been feeling awful and that has knocked me down. So please do come back for another visit. I think I am a bit better this morning and hope to get back to ART play soon.

Also, it looks like you have made a great start with something new. You are right that we have to start somewhere.

Adrienne's Art said...

Angela, I love this! When I'm teaching drawing, I always tell my students realism is not the goal: if you want something photographic, take a picture. Drawing and painting is YOUR interpretation of the subject. One more time ... I love this!