Sunday, January 15, 2012

wow!!! super duper long time!

Micah at 5 months..loves his books already!
Little Man eating!
and the dolls..playing in the snow! This year we didn't get any snow until a few days ago! At least the dolls have their snow!!
Santa back at the North Pole feeding the reindeer after a long night of deliveries!
The boys on Christmas! We had such a small crowd this year without the girls and Ashton and Shannon came over later in the day with Micah!

Well rather than trying to recount what has happened in the last 10 months i suppose it can just start new. Again i am on the weight loss trek....i had successfully lost almost 40 pounds last year..and unfortunately 30 of it found me here i am back to square 2.....This year i am taking a bit of a different approach and am working on healing my self image...they say that extra weight represents protecting yourself. So i think it would be wise and beneficial to dig a bit deeper and find any of the root causes..besides the fact that i am getting a bit older and menopause is coming some time in the near my hormones are probably all f-ed up and wacked out on top of that!..haha!

So here it is the 15th day of the New Year...i basically have been resting the last two weeks and getting my land legs back for the boys and the busy school days. The newest things i have been interested in is Pinterest, which recently has sparked an interest in nail soon as i find a bit of time that involves enough free time to let nail polish dry i plan on playing and trying some stuff out...i have gathered enough supplies now to begin...I for sure will share on here when i do!

I have now put on a new background....obviously the other one had been here a year or so...geesh what hopefully i will remember to come post!

Oh the most exciting thing going on right now is that i joined the Brave Girls Club and am participating in the Body Restoration..that is actually why i am on here to begin with..printing out this last weeks assignment and i can make the art assignment i need to catch up~!

i haven't done much art lately, and have not taken many pictures the last few weeks..but i guess i could share some from Christmas...oooh and of my new Grandson new little love!

so for now i won't talk and bore you any more and promise to come back with some more pictures next time...those are much more fun that talk..haha!
love and hugs!!

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