Sunday, November 14, 2010

Puggy spam...Emmie is growing

I just realize it has been so long since i made an much has happened in the past 4 the dilemma do i recap or just start from here...well i think the easiest would be to just start from here!

Back tracking a couple of weeks ..our newest addition to the family..our baby girl pug: Emmie!

the light of my life..well another light added..all of my children, my hubby and my other pug Oscar are lights too! She sure is a funny girl and quite different than Oscar. She is more aggresive and playful yet sweet too~! She loves her mamma and has made it known her favorite sleeping spot is on my neck! haha! This was taken a couple of weeks ago and i promised to take some more today! I am sure she is even bigger yet...


Joanne Huffman said...

what a little cutie pie!

jackie said...

Emmie is adorable! It's funny how their personalities are so different - I have noticed a big difference according to their gender. Look forward to seeing more photos!