Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witches Cupboard Charm Swap..the results

I wanted to share with you all my necklace made with the charms i received from Michelle's Witches Cupboard charm swap! amazing! the little broom at the top left was my humble contribution..among the charms..not to leave any out.but a short synopsis...two witch journal's, a tiny clay cauldron, verdigrised copper cauldron, an amazing beaded spider, a box containing the world's tiniest tarot deck, fun scrabble charms including a very first one from my stepmom Carol (awesome job Carol btw!) spiderwebs, lovely beaded trinkets, vials filled with various essential ingredients for spells, a magical holey stone, eyeballs, albino toad roe, a magical metal book...among others...click on the picture to see it large..wowsers..it is really amazing! Thank you again Michelle for being such an amazing host!!!


Tami said...

AWESOME, Angela!!! Love your charm necklace-what a fun swap this was!!!! I loved your charm too! Thanks for sharing :)

jackie said...

This is just so cool!! What a nice variety of spookiness!!

Joanne Huffman said...

very cool, indeed!