Wednesday, November 5, 2008

we are the world

in light of our historic moment on election day, i would like to congratulate all of the Obama supporters that i know...comprises probably at least 70% of you!..haha! In the spirit that you all know me for, I want the best for all and I sure hope you all were right! I stand behind McCain's statement of support, this is our America and we all want the best for everyone and we can do it if we all work together!

As always, I plan on bringing my own sunshine to each and every day, no matter what clouds may hover~ As the saying goes, be the change that you want to see in the world!! Love and unity is what I envision a perfect world to hold...and to celebrate that, what better song to enjoy than the collaborative song of many many many popular and famous artists "we are the world!" Still my all time favorite song ever!

namaste!! (that means may the divine spark in me greet/recognize the divine spark in you...loosely translated)


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, this is a gracious approach to what I know is difficult for you. It really will all be fine and McCain gave a good speech full of patriotism and the spirit of co-operation.


Angela Hoffmann said...

It is interesting this whole politcial process. The biggest fear that i have of Obama is his very short political career and the long list of the friends that he keeps. It makes me nervous. I have some solace in seeing his initial choices of the seasoned and experienced staff that he is already choosing. I was suprised with your remark when i told you about my initial uneasiness that you thought it might be his color. not at all. My life has been filled with people since childhood that are from different races,cultures, and religious beliefs. Many times in school my best friend was black or of another ethnic background....and very often because of this we had been pushed out of any maintstream group from either side. Also, my son's long term girlfriend is half black half white..and I love her to pieces....her color has never ever been an issue..other than wondering how his father might react. I am very proud of our country to not let a person's color be a deciding factor on whether he is worthy of leading our country. It shows how the majority of our citizens have finally put predjudice of race and differences behind them. That is always what has made this country great...we become no longer white,black,asian,indian,hispanic or whatever...we become Americans! And as an American i stand and put my hand over my heart and can say that I am very proud to live in such a wonderful country and very proud to be an American!

Joy Logan said...

I am beyond thrilled about the new PREZ omg did we need change!