Monday, October 13, 2008

Rip Van Winkle round robin and more football

Well, I finally got some work done in my dark round robin books. I was able to get two spreads done in Cindy's dark hearts and winged things book the first spread..when there is darkness there is also light: Angels. Each tag has a word on it ie:hope,love,joy,trust
Forbidden Love. hybrid metallic ink on the black pages adds such a cool touch. I have had this heart with wings stamp forever just waiting to be put in this book! Cindy i hope you like the spreads.
This page is for a collaborative project to be displayed at the Oshtemo public library. We decided on the theme of "4 letter words" My word is wish
And now the football pictures of the thing that has totally consumed my life for the last 2 months or so. Here is Nick,Tyrus and Jake. best buds since kindergarten! Tyrus after the game. He got tons of playing time this game...and was covered in sweat. Unfortunately they lost the game :(

Tyrus was team captain for this game! Little Jon about to lose a front tooth. we ate at cracker barrel after the game..the tooth came out the next day!

my ham Turner...


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, your dark pages are beautiful. And, I love your wish page (and have to get started on mine). The boys are really growing up and becoming quite handsome.


jackie said...

Your recent art is just lovely! So glad to see you adding to your blog! And your handsome little boys are growing up so fast! What a great-looking group!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

So glad you posted some new pics of the boys! I'll have to show aaron when he gets home. Will you guys travel to PA for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? would love to see you...

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