Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hello...remember me?

ha ha..okay i wasn't planning on updating really..but came over to add my friend Lorrie to my blog list...okay let me tell you..if you have ever ever been interested even one bit about making your own papers you must go visit her blog! She makes the coolest paste papers i have ever seen. She also makes hand made books and altered art among many other things..go check her out. http://lorrieabdo.blogspot.com/

WEll, my life has been consumed with football the last couple of months..and between the exhaustion from the practices and games and still getting used to the school schedule..i have had a tiny bit of time in between for a few fun things..but unfortunately not much. However, in the art department i have been creating projects for Stampington.com. This altered lunch box is one of my newest creations, due out sometime in the next week or so in the Postscript newsletter. It features Oscar as one of my "Fairy Riders"

This weekend I tried my hand at something completely different!! Amigurumi! Little crocheted animals all made with one basic single crochet stitch. My pink elephant turned out pretty good for my very first try. I have not done any crochet to speak of in over 20 years! I think more will be coming. I also bought a book on crochet borders and crochet flowers. I tried knitting with awesome instruction from my mom...but i just don't think i have a great knack for it..so back to crochet it is~
Of course i am still playing with my ever growing collection of dolls! My Blythe dolls have been such a bright spot for me...and playing with the scenes and such gives me such a kick...Here is Kendall sitting with her little companion, Pinkie, contemplating whether i did good on the elephant or not. Pinkie admits that she is rather disapointed that he wasn't smaller so she could more easily play with him!..ha ha Here is my newest addition...some are here on the table...Strawberry Shortcake dolls...the others are in the Shortcake Soup~...ha ha..to tell you how crazy it has been..i have had them over a month and just yesterday finally got around to giving them a much needed bath.

Shortcake Soup!!Once upon a time..there was a green haired princess named Pistachio. She has been searching all the land for her true love! She had heard rumors that if she kissed all the frogs in the kingdom she would finally find her Prince...here she sits on a lily pad under the light of the full moon..interviewing her first three prospects. She hasn't decided yet how badly she wants to kiss all the frogs, so she asks first.."So, Which one of you is the real prince?"...to be continued

And along with the dolly play and photo sessions..come clothing designing and creation...this beauty was designed especially for Pistachio~ I did have the suprise when she arrived..her hair was not LIME green as i thought it is NEON LIME..woah! took about 2 seconds to fall in love!
There is also some major drama going on around here in Sunny Blythe Towers...Clover is so disappointed. Her "date" did a no show..she thought he was coming when he said he would "try" to meet her for the opera..Officer Kaylarae did clue her in that any time a person,especially a man says they will "try" to do something..it usually means they are not intending to do so....
"sniff sniff" Clover wails on..... Meanwhile in Sunny Blythe Towers...Arturo(the missing date) is being romantic with his true love Anni and is watching reruns of their favorite soap opera ....Blythe Opera....he really does love Anni...Clover should have known better than to try to vie for his attention..every one around here knows his heart is true to Anni!

On a happier note..every one enjoys a rainbow..and I am one of those that just is entranced by anything even resembling one...one of my favorites is the calico wall at the fabric store..oooooh..aaah! I now have my Blythe Rainbow..from left to right: Rickie,Seville,Gabrielle,Pistachio,Calico,Koneko and Lilla...yes they all have names..ha ha

so one last development...i stand true to the statement that when one door closes another opens...soon i will be designing for an incredible digital scrapbooking website http://www.scrapartist.com/index.html A very exciting new opportunity and I have so many ideas already!! Keep your eyes out soon for my new blog that will be dedicated to this new and exciting art medium! i will keep that posted with all of my latest in the digital scrapping world!! I hope to have designs available by the beginning of November...maybe even soon~

ta-ta for now..and i promise it won't be two months next time~



Joanne Huffman said...

Good to see you blogging again. Does having a new blog for the digi stuff mean you'll be doing digi stuff there or and not here? or on both?

keep blogging,

The Backporch Artessa said...

I knew you would land in a big batch of something wonderful! I can't wait!

jackie said...

Wow! I love all of your latest additions to your blog! Your pink elephant is adorable! Makes me want to crochet again - I also haven't done it for about 20 years. Your Blythe dolls and outfits and stories are wonderful!
Congrats again on the new designing opportunities - I look forward to following your success!

Gina M Smith said...

what a great post!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you collected Blythe dolls (among others) ha. I had fun reading about them all and you pink elephant. I don't know how you get so much done!!! (-:


Marlublu said...

I stumbled on your blog and I just loved seeing those Blythe dolls. They are so cute and the clothes was so cool. Where do you buy those dolls. I would love to get me one. I will surely visit your blog again.