Saturday, July 19, 2008

quickie update...

wow1 i was so good about updating until the past couple of months..hmmm i don't know where to start..ha ha~

i have had more pieces of art in stampington's and here and also a book for their artist papers they are giving away for subscriptions to Somerset..the book turned out so cute! fairy wishes here is the cover!

I just home a bit ago from CHA..silly me brought my camera and didn't take any pictures...I am going to paste the update i wrote to the altered art divas instead of rewriting the whole thing

well i just got home from a one and a half day trip to CHA. It was fun..very few people there compared to last was kind of weird to just visit and not work the show!...but it was fun and nice!~ I got to visit with the Dream Street gals..and talk for a bit..and wander the show to my heart's content. It was fun to see the new is weird i must just be oblivious..but it all starts looking the same and didn't see much new that caught my eye~ All of my favorite paper companies had some nice new releases..but honestly it just all seems more of the same...Prima has some of the coolest laser cut felt pieces...i saw them in the winter show but had forgotten about them. My Minds Eye has some new products to coordinate with their papers and die cut lines..they now have stamps and printed sticky back chip board shapes..i do love their products. oh and they have 4 sets of coordinating inks to go with the 4 new designs. Basic Greay had a few new favorite was one with fallish colors...very pretty!

I got to see Claudine Hellmuth, Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi(she was a member of the divas briefly...not sure if she pops in much or not!) Well she had a wonderful success this year. she started out doing samples for Maya Road...then Ranger found her to do all of Tim Holtz's show samples and then they asked her to create her own line of stamps! Tim better watch out..she had more people at her side of the booth at her demo stand than he did..he he~ Check out her blog here She is amazingly talented!!I also ran into Bernie Berlin..she is always so sweet..she gave Stephanie her card in case she ever needs help finding an apartment..I guess her brother is huge in real estate there. I also saw Ginger of the previous GinX paper line..she is always so fun. she now works for F&W books...i got a preview of the new Kelly Rae Roberts book..oooh it is a must have for me..great techniques in there and it all about my favorite subject! Angels!!!I cant wait til it hits the bookstores! She is actually one of my favorite artists and also inspired me to try my hand at painting angels that resulted in my new Angel Heart papers that i created for Dream Street Papers.. Claudine has a new book coming out...kind of an art formula looks fun~
Most of the day was spent wandering around and was a fun day~It always amazes me how even just 5 hours on a convention floor can wear you out! 9not to mention the blisters on the back of my heels...OUCH!) AFter the show we went back to the girls' hotel, had a wonderful dinner at the awesome Italian restaurant in their Hotel and chatted...then i spent the night at Steph's apartment and then came home after breakfast this morning~

of course i continue to play with my can find more pics on my flickr..i hang out over there most of the if you miss me you can find the flickr link in the side bar and see what is the latest~

oh and I created samples for the Dream Street Booth and totally forgot to snap gone it...they were cute too....Once i get them back after the show i will take some pictures~

now it is time for a bit of R&R for me..i have been battling a bit of stomach bug this week and it seems to have returned today..i feel some what dragged today~(and no i didn't drink a bunch or anything..i had to drive so i only drank two margarittas over a 4 hour period last night...ha ha)

til later~


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to seeing the samples you made for Dream Street.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun time. Looking forward to seeing some samples!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear an update on you Miss Angela! Hope you are doing well!


Kathy McElroy said...

You are such a busy lady. Sounds like you had a great time at CHA. Hope your feeling better.

The Backporch Artessa said...

next time I'm going in your suitcase!

jackie said...

I love your fairy wishes book! Adorable!! And I appreciate you sharing your experience at CHA - sounds like a wonderful trip! I'd love to meet Tim and Claudine one day!
You are such a busy lady and I admire all that you do!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Hi Angela! Aaron Sonneborn (my husband, Art's nephew) passed along your blog address to me and i thought i would post a hello to you:) I hate that I haven't had the chance to met you guys yet but maybe i can keep up with you at least via the blogging world. We had a baby in May - you can view my blogs to see his latest pics. Hope to hear from you in the future... take care!!