Thursday, April 16, 2015

Well still no camping..but plenty of fun with My Funny Valentine

i left you with a minor introduction of my new adventure....well the excitement is still there...i am still enamored with my new toy and also have made so many new friends on Facebook groups  on the Shasta Re-issue club and various other trailer fun!

Well i was able to get my trailer home safely, by wait Turner went with me and is a tremendous help with set up and unhitching...

here she is hooked up and ready to come home:
then of course the fun began....curtain fabric choosing....adding all sorts of decorations and accessories..and i even have spent the night out there and frequently go out on weekends to watch movies with some wine...Every Tuesday my grandson Micah requests watching a movie out there as well...even though i have not taken her out of the drive yet..i am having loads of fun!
here...lots of pictures....the beginnings...adding the needed items..choosing fabrics for curtains...

then it got serious...the curtains were made...more items were purchased..decorating got into full swing...

i had kept the bed made for the longest time..but wanted to try out a table setting. It got to stay because i found out that if i turned the TV around and made the gaucho in the back into a small bed.. I am able to watch my movies back fun.. and cozy!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Year...some new adventures..

I am the new owner of a camping trailer!!

i am so excited about all of this...My new girl coming is the Red Shasta Airflyte and her name is My Funny i figure i have a small window to collect Valentine themed things...She originally was going to have a rose i can incorporate both...funny story on how this all transpired:...yeah grab your cup of coffee and humor me..i have to tell you the story...It all Started several years ago when my Friend Beth Bricker bought her trailer and posted it on our art group...then Sue her best friend...also my friend got her pink and white Cracklin Rose...i followed them both...watching...slightly envious..but totally each year a few times i catch a glimpse of a trailer here and there on Pinterest or some where....and i get the itch again.  This time it was bad enough i started looking on Craigslist...and then my favorite..ebay...and there she was..the second time I looked...the darling NEW Shasta Airflyte..first i saw her in pink...then scrolling RED!!! i LOVE RED!!!  I noticed that it was from a dealer here in Grand Rapids..only an hour drive for me....I sent the auction to my husband..he never goes on ebay...just to test the waters...set the know...get him used to the idea...

so next day...i mentioned something to him....his response...oh yeah..well if we did get one we probably should get a new one with all the bells and whistles..."Honey....this was  a new one!"...oh cool he says..end of this conversation...well for the moment....*side husband's idea of "roughing it" is a hotel with no room service*

one more day later...i say..'well i could at least make a doll sized one for My Blythe dolls'...discussed that and details..he loves details, had some great ideas.... Later that day...we have a date while the kids were at relaxed the rest of the was he...Some how i got back on the trailer thing...he were giggling about how we like to buy the things we want...instead of things we should new siding on our is still good but needs to be replaced some time in the next few years....He goes..yeah like my new projector...your trailer!  "what?..i can get a trailer??."  Yeah sure..if you can get it in your name, your credit....i don't care!!!  Inside i was jumping up and down with joy.

So that very next morning...on Tuesday last week i made the phone call to the RV dealer...and yup they had one in the show room and i was welcome to come look.  I have my grandson on i couldn't go right away..but Wednesday i took the drive up..all by myself. Never said a word to any one....and sure enough it was absolutely adorable...and i asked him what it would take..I had the exact amount of down payment credit was excellent and i was pretty much approved on the spot.  I honestly did just go to all happened so fast...  I signed the paper...found out that it was already in stock..yippeee!! no waiting...and so i set up the date for me to come and learn how to use her and pick her up(Tuesday this permitting)

so that afternoon i texted Art about how it all transpired....sent him a picture....

all i get back is:
oh shit...he is mad???!!...or what?? i babble on about how excited i much Turner wants to go camping...all the great things about it..etc...."honey don't you remember?.you said I could"

he was at his answers were though came back..right after i said it too..."Um was it one of those *after sex conversations*?" yes!

So i am a nervous wreck for a few hours until he gets home....He comes in...i ask.."do you really not remember our conversation?..where you said i could?"

Vaguely..honey...i am NOT mad...i am happy for you..i hope you enjoy it....

PHEW!!! thank god he wasn't mad....

So a while later....he wanders into the front room that is below my open second floor office and studio...
"honey?...can we call this your Valentine's present, it is red after all?"

i say..."well sure...since you never get me a gift any can be for the next 15 years!"

"but i get you roses every year!!!"

"yes you do...and i love them!!"

So the thought occurred to me..since i was planning a red checkered and rose theme already, that 'Valentine' would be the best name for appropriate...but when a friend suggested 'My Funny Valentine' could be my theme song...I had to change it to that...since it was a pretty funny story

Moral of this long story...give hubby great sex...and time requests afterward, during the lovely can pretty much get anything....hhmmm what do i want next?...hahaha

so to keep on sharing my newest grand adventure......i have already been collecting items for her.and since there is only two more weeks for Valentine's themed things..i hurried up...I have been visiting the sections at my favorite stores....might need to hit the thrift shops too...while they still have Valentine themed items...
so far...this is what has come in the mail..and what i have bought so far.... I hope you enjoyed my story..i still am giggling about the whole thing...I have to make our first trip perfect..since Art has never gone camping..and considers it way to primitive for him..and beyond roughing

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ha..did it again...

It took me forever to get back on here...but here is a quick..well not so quick catch up post...I left off getting ready for the wedding!...well it was a lot of work but was an amazing day with a beautiful bride and groom!   The best part it brought so many friends and family members together for a memorable event!

Here is the groom Ashton with his sisters Salina and Stephanie~!

here is Ashton and his new bride Shannon and their son Micah...the light of my world!

another wonderful thing that happened that day...Stephanie brought her new honey Adam along for the wedding! He was an amazing help..i am forever grateful for all of his help...and the help of Stephanie and Salina in pulling this off. I ended up throwing up for several hours the morning of the wedding....well until 2 hours before. At first i thought it may have been alcohol poisoning from the night before..but due to the delay and then lingering for 4 days after i am wondering if I had the flu bug...any how due to my brother's quick thinking and nurturing and a ton of anti nausea medicine i was able to make it through....The wedding was gorgeous and a lovely day...those are the memories we want to have :)

so now along with a new man..Stephanie is also expecting her first baby in March...yay...we think the romance the weekend of the wedding did the trick...hehe!  Welcome Adam to our family!

all of my kids!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Dinner out with my boys...what a riot to be surrounded by all guys...never a dull moment here!  Art and his sweet

a rare serious moment for

My handsome son Tyrus..he is growing up so much! *Sigh*

and along with fall comes football! as of today the team is 3 and 1.  Last night's game was amazing...they won 56-0....

The tigers team is a young team with primarily freshman and sophmores and a smatterng of seniors(3) and juniors.  So they are doing an amazing job! I am so proud of them all!

we have a new addition here at the house! Luther the tiny pug...he replaces our missing Oscar...not the same..but darling and fun in his own way! :)

I had the pleasure of spending nearly 4 weeks with Dad and Carol after the was so wonderful to have them here! I am keeping my fingers crossed they can do that again..i miss them both!  Micah was a bit tentative with his Opa Norbert..but he warmed up to him after a bit! :)

and adventure for me this August..a trip to Dallas for a Blythe doll convention...what a fantastic time...met so many wonderful online friends and did some shopping and had a great Jordana and I show off our!

my super darling friend Darcy!! i just adore her to bits!!

and my super duper special friend Jair..i love him like family!  We were so lucky that we got to spend so much time together..many moments that i will treasure forever!!

a fun surprise....i was a winner in the raffle...the tiny skeleton girl came home with me.  Little Whispa was very popular and wanted by many...i am a lucky girl to call her mine!  so sweet and very detailed. The hand painting is amazing on her 2" body!

and of course i am forever busy with projects.  I finally got around to finishing the Cinderella carriage that is tarted a couple of years is the finished carriage...i since have also finished decorating the some point i plan on doing Cinderella more pictures to come..

Sprocket was the first one to get a ride in the carriage...i hate to break it to her that she is not going to actually be Cinderella in the story..poor thing..hope she isn't too

and then another project...Cleaning for me is a dangerous! It often ends up in large projects.  A week before school started i was getting the boys rooms ready for school and decided that the saying of " you can't polish a turd" was so true to this room that i took the entire room apart down to taking the carpet out.  I installed a brand new laminate floor, trimmed it out and then bought new beds for the boys...i love the results!!

oh and Tyrus got a new bed too...his room is relatively it just needed a good cleaning and carpet cleaning

Jon pretending to be asleep in his new

more room was achieved by adding loft beds..they can watch tv and play their xbox with plenty of room to spare...

twin Mellomellomew Middie Blythes join the family...bunnies and kitties....a favorite around here!

and my latest project...another cleaning project gone office...i am creating this post instead of moving stuff back in..but when i am done here..back to work...i can come back with a new post and finished pictures tomorrow! haha...maybe if i keep my blog open i will remember to post more than 3 or months apart...haha

any is my office...a mess, cluttered, i felt claustrophobic....something needed to be done.  I had started clearing off my desk and looked around..i was ready for something other than this day i am not sure why i picked purple in the first place..haha...i think it was a spiritual growth moment and wanted to pick something that reflected that!  Well now it is time for my office to reflect ME....Red is my favorite color..and i have loved turquoise with red the past couple of that was my choice.  So a week later it is done and being moved into as i type...well when i am done!

the corner was crowded and messy too..what i looked at every time i sat at my desk!

here is the finished painted room. The scallop border was hand painted with stencilled and hand painted designs on each

So there you have it...a quick version of my summer...every day around here is full and fun and filled with love and laughter...and i hope to not take so long next time....and not have to try to cram a million events in one post...and maybe share an insight or two..

thank you for visiting..and if you made it this far in this post...thank you for hanging in there with me...i hope i didn't bore you all to hand full of few!