Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Harry Potter themed trailer decorations! Won First place People's choice!

Hey every one! Yeah, it has been a while again! But for those that stumble across my post, I thought I would share the photos from my first rally of the season! I am one of those that never stops making things and bores easily. So once again, i have changed the theme for my trailer. This year's theme is Harry Potter with a leaning toward Gryffindor!  ...Enjoy! First ones are of the preparations!  this was the beginning of the curtains. I found fabric that reminded me of Harry's bed curtains in the Gryffindor dorm!
 Some of the props as i was gathering them. the frog was left over from my Halloween theme!
 The pillow cases that coordinated with the quilt I made. I will do a separate post of the actual quilt making!

 i even made a studen ID using my senior picture from 1983
 here is a little sneak peak of the quilt! this is the base blocks before embellishing them!
 I actually didn't end up using this. I will when I put up my 10x20 EZ up. My new awning was pretty enough with out adding more!
 Pajamas I made to match the theme!
some of the decorating details
 the table, inspired by the feasts hosted in the Great Hall
 Gryffindor pride
 the bed, details

divination and details

what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
close up of table, I used movie stills to find details. Including the hogs head pitcher, the curlique wrought iron silver ware and metal plates and goblets
I created this tuffet for the divination scene that I created. It included "The Grim" mug. I had a ceramic hand and kept having people ask me if I could read palms! Maybe i should learn. and bring my tarot deck! haha
 The front view. I forgot to get a close up of the letters mobile I made!  I created the luggage cart from the train station scenes, had a sorting hat stoll, Gryffindor lion guarding the front, several owls in cages and many other details!  So fun!
 i apologize that the photos jump around, there is just no simple way to get these on the blog in order..Here is a simulated Oil Lamp that i found at Goodwill, I added a flickering bulb to make it seem more realistic. All of the lamps in the Harry Potter movies were oil based, so i found electrified ones (for safety reasons, no actual oil)
 of course I had to have Fawkes. Also some hand help lamps and my prized Golden Snitch (back from my days at Hogwarts of course ;) )

 You have the Grimm....
 My tribute to Gringotts and some Bertie Botts Every Flavor jelly beans! Free for my visitors!
 close up of the front!
 another detail shot of the table settings
 view to the inside! You can see my Monster Book of Monsters and my "Gryffindor" slippers..LOL  It was so funny, at least 3 times some one during the course of the day put the Monster pillow up onto the bed, thinking they were helping. LOL They must not have watched the movies!
 Front veiw of the trailer. Including a real cast iron cauldron!
 and yes, there was a sorting hat
 Wizards Chess. I found this on Etsy. It is actually a reproduction of the one used in the first movie where Harry and Ron were playing Wizards Chess in the great hall. It is different than the ones in the dungeon when they were looking for the stone!
the Table again..

 I love this Hogs Head pitcher! Found on universal studios web site. One of my splurges!
 some one left me a rock to post and share. One of my owls and My globe: Howarts Alumn
 My divination corner
 The mirror of erised! I have a lot of details from my Lootcrate Wizarding World subscription!  I also used things from thrift shops, antique shops and other themes I had done. The pumpkin juice was from Halloween. The sands of time was from my Queen of Hearts costume I made last year!
 Gryffindor banner and my sorting hat!
 playing cards found at  Hot Topic
 this quilt took about 60 hours to make. Each of the 25 squares has something related to the movie. I will do a seperate post on this!
I had to have a time turner of course!

 Norbert the Dragon. A tribute to my late father Norbert!
 Gryffindor pride, Lootcrate goodies!
 Gryffindor Pajamas i made
 more table setting shots!
 My Lootcrate Wizarding World pin collection!
 My wand collection. I wasn't planning on getting more than one or two...but they are all so cool, i couldn't stop at one!
 more fun details!
 My little writing desk. I was trying to add details that would make the trailer feel like it might if I had been an actual Hogwarts Alumn. Maybe a professor on vacation! What would it look like many years later? I would most likely would be writing with a feather pen and ink and have sealing wax for my letters!
 Another splurge, a reproduction of the crystal ball that Harry and Ron were looking in to in Divination Class!
 my Gryffindor pocket watch from Lootcrate
 The bed. The sheets are white with stars on it in flannel. In the movie Harry's bed in the dorm had white sheets and red blankets. I took inspiration from that. The stars on the sheet were bonus and matched the theme well! and flannel! Oh MY! i had never slept on flannel before, so cozy!
 My tea station. If you look at the movie stills, you can see in the back ground of the Divination classroom there are stacks and stacks of tea cups. Also on a table there is a vintage tea dispenser, similar to this.It is for heating the water. You put the water in the chamber and in the center you drop in a coal to heat it. The top has a flange with vents so you can keep a teapot of tea warm!  This was a find at an antique store on my retreat with my Ramblin Rosies group!
 of course I had to have some Spectro Specs!
That is all for now! I will add a separate post for the quilt With detailed photos of each of the squares as I made them!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Trailer Rally and Vintage Market!

Hey guys, long time no post, yet again! But thought I would post an update!  I went to a Vintage Market and Trailer Rally a few weeks ago and thought i would share some of the photos.  I added a new theme to my trailer for this year with pink and red, with a Red Riding Hood theme.  The curtains were pink with Red Riding Hood tumbled as the design by my now favorite designer Stacie Lest Hsu!  I hand appliqued the comforter cover using the pattern and templates from Lori Holt's quilt along that she did last year from her blog: Bee in My Bonnet! Using many fun colors for a bright and cheery quilt to go along with the theme! 

I created some new applique designs for the pillows to enhance my Red Riding Hood them, modeling the characters a bit from the actual fabric to coordinate well. I made the doll kit that came with the fabric line and found a wolf in my toy stash! 

In the first photo, you can see my newly built dinette. I had my builder take out the original gaucho bench and using the original wood, recreate it into a dinette for two. He made a new little table, with red boomerang laminate (we decided to redo all the laminate at this time as well to all red rather than the original gray!)  Then I made new cushions to size. I created the cushions so they can still all lay down on top of the collapsible unit and make into a small bed! Now i can leave my big bed made up at all times and still have a place to sit and have coffee or a snack! 

My vintage "Toast it with Roses" sign, it is reversible and i still love it as a fun accent and it camouflages the TV behind it.  My Middie Blythe dressed as Red Riding Hood and her vintage Wolf help continue the theme!

The new red laminate added such a beautiful touch and made it so colorful!

Found this fabulous vintage looking fan at Lowe's.  Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shakers for the theme

Here you see a Red Riding Hood tea pot to continue the theme, along with my new retro looking coffee pot and toaster!

Now to the exterior!
Welcome to Oma's Trailer, Sign i made the morning of the rally! Haha. Had this one in my head for a year!
Welcome table, had the water jug filled, some grateful guests enjoyed the lemon water I filled this with!

Mr Wolf guarding the door!

My fall display by the tongue fence! I had so much fun creating this!  I had found a garden flag imprinted with a vintage Red Riding Hood flag!

My table display with hand made fabric roses and vintage melamine/melmac dishes! 

Here is the entire exterior!  I had such a great time with my decorating this year! I was so excited when I was told I won first place for the "people's choice favorite trailer" award! The prize was a bag full of hand made goodies from various restaurants around Marshall. So many yummy things~

Well there ya go, a an update on one of my adventures!! Till next time, have a beautiful day!